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Please remember the dates!!!

Sign-ups open: 1st April
Sign-ups close: 16th May (5PM EST)
Sign-ups sent: 20th May (or earlier)
Check-in: 15th June
Check-in: 15th July
Assignments due: 1st August (midnight PST)
Posting beings: 15th August

All check-ins will occur through email. The mods will email participants to check on their progress. This is meant to lessen the stress of meeting the deadline at the last minute. I know how difficult and daunting that can be, especially if you get writer's/artist's block. This way, if you're struggling, we can help you and also provide as needed extensions much easier.

Of course, if you're having trouble before or in between check-ins we encourage everyone to email us. We'll do all we can to make sure that you continue to have fun and don't stress out, because this fest is meant to be fun for everyone.


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Summer Exchange Sign-Up Post

Posted by browed_mod on 2011.04.01 at 17:12
The LeeGaaLee Summer Exchange

Before signing up, please remember to read the rules, located on our profile page.

To sign up, paste the following HTML into a comment and fill in your answers. And because your browed_mod forgot to post this at midnight, sign-ups will remain open until 5PM PST on the 16th of May. Assignments will be due 1st August at midnight PST.

Name/LJ Account:
Email address:
Artist or writer?:
Prompts (list three in order of preference):
Preferred rating to read/write:
Are you willing to pinch-hit?:
Do you need help finding a beta?:
Are you willing to be a beta if needed?:
Anything else (things you can't write, favorite kind of cookie, etc):

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Please direct all questions to browed_mod or browless_mod , or email us at leegaa[dot]exchange[at]gmail[dot]com.

Hello and happy Spring!!!

I hope our lovely watches have not forgotten about us. As sad as it was that the first attempt at an exchange failed, we are hardly calling it quits! Through hard work and dedication, I am sure we can get this exchange off the ground! Yosha!


So, artists and authors, get your fingers ready for some writing and drawing! Sign-ups for the summer round of the GaaLeeGaa Exchange are coming! This Friday, 1st April, we are going to breathe life into this community and this splendid pair!

I hope that everyone is excited about this and can sign-up!

Yosha! Let us make the best of this round and we will surely not go wrong on the path towards a Youthful exchange!!!

Your Browed Mod,

Do you have any questions? Perhaps a suggestion on how we could make this festival more fun for everyone? Perhaps you're curious about how you can help out? Well, this is the place to do it! Please post all comments, questions, suggestions, and whatever else here.

Comments will be screened.

Thank you!
The Mods

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Rules for Pinch-HittersCollapse )

Please direct any questions or suggestions to the suggestion post here.

Format for Assignments

Posted by browed_mod on 2010.12.07 at 21:19
This is the format you will use for your assignment. It should be included when you email the mods with your final product. Please do not leave any of the necessary information blank. If you do not want to fill in your name, that is fine as it will be left blank until after reveals.

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