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A Celebration of Youthful Love

The GaaLee Art and Fic Exchange

The LeeGaa Exchange: Celebrating A Youthful Love
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A Celebration of Youthful Love
This is an exchange festival that celebrates the Naruto characters Gaara and Rock Lee in a relationship, specifically romantic, but by no means limited to that, through art and fanfiction, which is exchanged anonymously by participants.
i. The Golden Rule of Youth: Please respect each other. There will be no flaming, bashing, or wank here. This includes debating over who the seme and uke are. Don't do it. If you don’t have something nice to say, please kindly refrain from saying anything or you will be banned from participating in the exchange.
ii. This community will contain mature content. If you cannot act maturely, you will be banned from participating.
iii. Read the rules. Not just these ones, but these ones too.
iv. Don’t talk to your recipient, or inform them that you are creating something for them. If you have a question for them, please ask the mods and they will ask for you.
v. If you sign-up, please do your best to complete your assignment. Real life happens, we understand. We promise not to be harsh, or bite. If you need an extension, tell us. If you need to drop, tell us.
vi. The Most Splendid Rule of Youth: Have fun!!! Enjoy creating your piece to share with another fan of this youthful pairing, and come back again for more fun
Please contact browed_mod, browless_mod, and chibibrowed_mod at leegaa.exchange@gmail.com with any questions.

Disclaimer: All Naruto characters herein are the property of Masashi Kishimoto, and none of the fics or artwork presented here claim the rights to Naruto.

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